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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  November 18, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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nine. good fire and explosion erupted in the suburbs of paris. following the latest details as police hunt for the alleged mastermind of the attack. plus a debate over syrian refugees heats up. live with political analyst over what this could do to the election and how candidates are responding. a television host, a rapper and an -- then actor, nick cannon joins us to talk about his latest project. good morning and welcome to the nine, we will start with the beautiful picture right outside, taking a live look at san francisco from our emeryville camera, you see the bay, fair least bill, in oakland east bay, nice and quiet in the water behind us,
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the estuary is still this morning, good morning, everyone. >> have you been going to these warriors game? >> i have not been, i have watching. >> right in front of the tv, the beer is cheap. >> they were up and then -- . >> as the games go on it will get tougher because they are chasing a record so every opponent wants to keep them from doing that. these games will get tougher. >> there's a team called the clippers tomorrow. >> from la. >> the warrior streak and talk with at your nick cannon, he's joining us live on the set, i lingered in the green on -- room for as long as i could and i still did not have a chance to meet him, we love you to meet him virtually, he will talk about his project, be sure to use the # kutv -- hashtag kutv the nine. he is not happy about the movie title.
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>> it's the mayor of chicago. >> a spike lee film here. >> we will start with what happen in san jose, a man is that after an early morning chase across the south bay, it happened when the started when the spotted a car that was stolen. a rollover crash on the freeway in san jose. there are chp officer -- -- chp officer had on the scene for the past five hours and they will be here any longer because they have been waiting for the team to arrive. there focuses going to be on the white sedan you see, it was traveling at a high rate of speed when it came off the freeway, chp officers versus the spotted the honda about 3:30 a.m. and he was speeding. at some point it was traveling between 125 to 135 miles per hour. they started chasing it on highway 101 and they went to a big circle. including a atm -- aat and 280. this one on for a good they 30
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minutes, the driver finally end up losing control area the car rolled over twice in chp folk -- and chb folk spokesperson told us about the dangers driving during the chase. the vehicle continued to swerve. cutting vehicles off. causing them to swerve out of -- out-of-the-way. and had their breaks. that traffic was light at the time but we did it -- the encoder and take some type of action and did not know what the motivation was at that time. >> the driver in the mid- 20s was taken to the hospital and later died, the female passenger is in the hospital. it's unclear if she will be taken into custody the chp says the honda was stolen out of los banos, this wasn't the only crass, the chp vehicle involved crash into a roadside in the shattered its windshield. two officers in the car were a father and a son chb team they
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are okay, one of them had minor scratches, back to you. >> let's turn to the paris terror attack, french police have conduct did 414 rate since friday, 60 people will have been arrested and dozens of weapons is been seized including military south fire arms, to expected militants were killed just this morning. brett french president said that authorities connected the two people to friday's attack. alex savidge wi more of the dangers raid targeting the mastermind of the massacre. please went in early this morning, going after them and -- the men they believe likely plotted attacks and what's unclear still this morning whether they got him, authorities to sorting everything out, there were two suspected terrorists inside it apartment and they were killed during the violent confrontation with permanent with police and seven other terrorist were arrested.
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here you see some cell phone videos taken by a neighbor in france, you could hear the -- the gunfire and you can hear the explosion during the early morning raid, they stormed an apartment outside of paris in the suburb of same tony, as police closed in, out -- a woman is heady apartment -- outside the apartment killed herself by setting love of this she was wearing and another man was killed during a confrontation as well, the raid meant to target mastermind of righties terror attack, this man at the alameda bowed -- abdelhamid abaaoud, the belgian of spree extreme is what's inside the apartment using it as a steakhouse -- safe house. they praise the bravery of the police this morning and the neighbors who witnessed the violent scene. i can imagine the anguish with took hold of the residents in saint vinnie -- saint denis. it was of course a risky rate, five police officers were
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hurt, and there was also this police dog, killed during the operation, the french police waited is out was a picture of the soul. a seven-year-old who was killed by suspected terrorists and he -- terrorist and he made his way into the apartment this morning, diesel being honored this morning with this with the hashtag -- which means i am dog. >> french police not taken their of foot -- taking the foot off the gas pedal. nonstop area more than a hundred raid more than -- since sunday in the area in in -- and around paris. >> they think may be today captured in took -- who they captured and took into custody custody, may have been planning something else. >> this is a business -- suspicion they may have had. even more attacks he worked on and being -- it being plotted. absolutely a major crack down underway across france this morning.
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thank you. the band from palm desert in southern california was playing in the don't concert hall were more than 80 people are killed in the terror attacks, the band is commenting publicly for the first time since the attack. posted on the twitter and facebook page and read this morning, with this images, the image of french flags with hand signals for peace and rock on, part of the post we, while the band is now home safe, we are for biden still coming to terms with what happened -- although bonded and grief are -- grieve for the victims, -- -- now united by a common goal of love and compassion, they also went on to say that all their shows are on hold until further notice. the other international stories making headlines, the new photo released by isis which the group claims shows the bomb that brought down the russian airliner last month emma the photo was released today in the english language isis magazine.
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it shows of gold color aluminum soda can from the beverage company schweppes and shows and other devices -- another devices that appear to be bomb components, russian investigators announce it was a homemade device that detonated on board that plane the device had the power of more than 3 pounds of tnt. this morning in the bait whether or not syrian refugees settle in the united states, president obama had said the us will accept 10,000 syrian refugees, but there's new concern following reports that at least one of the terrorist involved in the paris attacks may have slipped in -- in disguised as a syrian refugee. more than 30 governors in the us are now on record saying they do not want to accept any syrian refugees in their state area the obama administration have said that they will continue with the refugee plan saying the us has a comprehensive vetting process. at the situation over isis
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on syrian refugees excellent eight escalates, some democratic and republican candidates are beginning to weigh in, donald trump talk to sean hannity, and raised eyebrow. i will get everybody together and i will blast -- the out of them. >> strong -- strong worse -- words there. also joining us today is the analyst, brian, our siege -- r c jenrette -- syrian refugees are trojan horse, this is a hot topic for the topic. >> donald trump again the -- shooting from the live. and playing to base. that really is upset about everything that's going on around the world. certainly immigration and as a form of in -- of immigration tied in it. he is again just shooting his mouth off. >> he jumped in like you said the tide of the country they
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motion some hoping it will carry them further to winning this nomination. >> it's calculate, highly unlikely at the end of the day still am my view that donald trump ends up. >> let me play for you, essentially accusing the republican using the refugee crisis to score points. >> they are scared of widows and orphans coming into the night is dates of america as part of a tradition of compassion. first they were worried about the press being too tough on them during debates and now they are worried about three oh- year-old orphans. president -- president obama certainly not shying away from initially saying and keeping the message we are america and we welcome immigrants we are not going to change. >> what they think of this statement? at its core, it's right i we accept people from other parts of the world and we are a great
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melting pot. what's starting to bubble up from feinstein, pennetta and other democrats, no, we better vet the people coming to the united states before we say 10,000 people come in the country. speaking of democrats, hillary clinton had aligned herself with resident obama on many issues during this campaign, now it seems as if she's distancing herself from the president's stance on isis -- stands on isis, it's seems as if they're not on the same page. >> the sands are shifting and she realizes that the polling is indicating that americans are not happy with the president's handling of the -- president's handling of the isis situation. like any good politician, she's going to maneuver around that issue and sell a -- exactly what she's doing. >> is days of foreign-policy former policy of state. >> she has to on this issue, she's to one person who in the race who have traveled around the world and met most of the leaders, frangois aland and
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everybody else. >> and she has faced some criticism, and she needs to be right on this for her followers. >> my guess is she will talk upper rhetoric around this issue getting very tough. she realizes when this becomes a general election when she moves that the on the primary, she has to appeal to a lot of people on the other side of the aisle and one way to do that is by being tough on things like terrorism and enemies around the world. you mentioned dianne feinstein, someone who's captain to the intelligence community, she went out and disagreed with resident obama saying isis is not contained in and -- and indeed expanding. >> absolutely, she has been a lone voice at times about the need for democrats in particular to get behind this idea of isis being a huge oil threat. she says and i read the intelligence faithfully that was a quote.
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she's very concerned about this issue. i know some of her people told me she is -- she's very concerned about this area and she sees things we don't see as american citizens. she sounding the alarm that we better -- better listen. >> i wonder if californians will listen to the senator than the president. >> really interesting question. they should listen to their  senator, she -- she's the one getting daily briefings and going out and sound the alarm bell. the president pass a tough job trying to moderate all the points of view. feinstein is somebody who is involved in the intelligence community from her role as senator can go out there and be blunt about all these situations. thank you for joining us again. on the ninth. coming up on mornings onto, the nine, the so-called google buses continue to operate, the final decision over the controversial -- a big payday
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oakland raider -- smith has and suspended by the nfl in the effective immediately, for one year without a under the league's substance abuse policy, smith had many legal troubles, he was released from the 49ers and -- in august hollowing his fifth arrest since 2012 ends up number, he pled not guilty to hit-and-run drunk driving and vandalism charges. san francisco giant shortstop brandon -- giants shortstop brandon crawford had a new contract to go with his gold glove and to world series titles. giants had an agreement with crawford on a six -- six-year 75 million-dollar deal includes a full no trade clause, no the 20 it 28-year-old -- in a news
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conference. they had to keep him, hometown boy. playing very well obviously. not a charity that they are giving them all this money is a great player. >> we just need to win their next three games to much a and -- nba records show best start in the season, they are 12-zero after surviving a week come back who race and -- were is an 18-point deficit in the third quarter, the warriors held on to win 115 to 110, curry led a team to -- they had to la to lay the clippers tomorrow, back on friday again the bulls the chicago bill, 15-zero in the record for the best start to the season, held both by the 1993 houston rockets and 1948 washington capitals. speaking of the rockets, they fired their head coach is born, -- coaches my, kevin mchale. what should be done for me lately they are off to a terrible start last year, they were up in the conference title. coming up, the nine,
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torrential rain, flooding, mudslide later in the newscast will pinpoint where the risk is greatest during this year's el niño storm. we are getting a new look at the runaway tour bus that crashed in san francisco's union square injuring 20 people. the reason to drivers attorney said the driver crashed the bus on purpose.
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good morning and welcome back to mornings -- mornings onto the nine, we are following some of the top stories in the. bay area. thank you to all of you, here's some of the top stories following for you today, is in you : santa clara county for someone outside of the sheriff's department -- the
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sheriff's department to investigate about excessive force at the jail. in the past years more than 300 complain have been made about alleged excess -- excessive force by guards according to the center saying mercury news. sheriff lori smith tells the paper every complaint is taking seriously, i doubt committee investigating the jail says independence -- independent civilian oversight is needed, questions about the -- maybe -- after an inmate was found in his death in his cell's -- last over. the shuttle bus pilot program is being called a success, municipal transportation officials voted yesterday to keep the program going. with a couple changes that include confining big double- decker buses the major streets. the shuttle operators will have to use gps to gather information on where and when the shuttles travel. most of the buses taking
9:23 am
workers to jobs in silicon valley. charges operators of fee that also lets them share the muni bus stop. it's facing child pornography charges. the boy who's not being identified because of his age was cited in and also accused of posting nude photos of under age -- underage female classmates. not clear where he got those photos. officials the lincoln high school alerted parents, sent a letter home urging parents to talk to their kids about social media. also the police are investigating why the students and other schools they have been victim -- victims as well. those are some of the morning headlines from here in studio a. back to you. a lot of rain this morning will be a blessing for most of california, although for some, it is a curse, up in lake county where the valley fire ravaged the landscape, el niño could bring big problem. >> that's not the only area that could see a landslide in
9:24 am
letting, rosemary orozco shows us the hot spots that -- hotspots that have officials worried. several weeks after the valley fire destroyed her home and for kelli vargas, it's far from over. kingsley, she just secured a permanent home for her and her sons. >> we have to wait for it to be ready probably another two to three weeks. >> not a moment too soon, the fire may be over, no flights are the new danger. heavy steady rain could flood the nearby creek putting this campsite underwater. >> health why reporter identified the creek the one that could see increase flows and flooding and so we are very concerned. concerned enough that survivors living at intense and trailers may be forced to leave your fema is coming to the rescue of with 100 temporary homes, now the challenge us -- challenges were to put them. >> we are looking at two site
9:25 am
that meet the criteria for being safes, sanitary and secure. >> and away from flood zones a. >> i can't imagine what it would be like to be a -- homeowner who suffered this terrible tragedy and then have the fortune of a temporary home that they can live in until they can get their replacement home construct it and have that damaged by floods. cal fire and chain gang of clearing the way lifting that trees and debris that could clog the flow. >> if the rain does come to doesn't jam up any culverts any rivers and areas that could back up and flat again. ditto can be done about these burnt hillsides, they are baked, they are in and look like slabs of rock. instead of being vegetation to soak up the rain, it runs off like it would him -- on concrete. he could bring loose soil running down with it. >> crews have since put down a carpet on bare hillside on highway 175 to help prevent slides.
9:26 am
>> you could end up with landslides, and low line flooding. the runoff from all the burnt hillside that surround us will eventually end up in the creek and that is a big concern. it's one of the areas you -- areas usgs is monitoring. also on the list, cobb mountain, middletown, hidden valley and anderson springs. and the main highway between them. there are also new gauges above middletown. all for early notification. we will be working with them to monitor and predict and keep track of any flood flows in the creek. valley fire area is not the only problem. heavy rainfall in two oh strong el niño in nine -- 98 claimed lives caused over $150 million in damage and the 300 flood slides. with a large portion of the bay area on sloping ground, if history repeats itself, many spots will be at risk. you can see thousands of
9:27 am
landslides across the bay area. >> usgs will be monitoring the shore in marin, is by hills and two spots in the peninsula. >> we want to see what point in the season they are saturated so the next storms might cause landslide. there's coastal erosions, the last el niño eroded pineta cliff and seven homes fell in the ocean, 12 homes condemned in this problem stretches all the way to san francisco. this is in daly city it so -- it's a weekly cemented sandstone, it doesn't take -- much to erode. the thought of another oh strong el niño year brings out wave of fear that reaches all the way inland. as we continue to track the el niño, tonight we will take you to the sierra where mark tamayo was to spend more time on the high hopes for that he ski season. and whether or not el niño
9:28 am
necessarily means the storms we've seen this fall will continue through the winter that is tonight at 10:00. coming up, just before the release of the movie concussion, pam call, talks to the doctor euros per trade by will smith, what do you are say about whether he would want his children to play football. and a host tv show, axon -- nick cannon is live on the nine talking about his latest project and look their he is. >> in person. >> dress so well. >> thank you. >> 
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homicides in chicago illinois has served as surpassed the death toll of american armed forces in iraq. >> welcome to chi-raq.
9:31 am
>> chi-raq is the newest movie from director spike lee said in chicago that tells the story of gang violence in the city's -- southside area it opens in the bay area on december 4th and joining us rock live, is nick cannon one of the stars of the movie, thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> this movie hasn't been released yet and there's a controversy, the mayor of chicago came out on record he doesn't like the title. what is this film meant to do? meant to compare a war zone to chicago? >> i think the film is meant to raise awareness. spikes initial call to action to me and everyone who is involved said, i want to say -- save lives, and using your are to affect change that's happening and the term chi-raq it's not like spike created that, do -- they use in the city created that. it's true, more lives are lost in chicago than the iraq war. it's unfortunate that to be
9:32 am
that town crier the person to ring the bell and say there's an issue there's a problem not just in chicago but in every disenfranchised inner-city around the america. the same issue. >> did you done about such a chicago making this film? >> absolutely. my character was all about being authentic. so i went to the southside of chicago. i remember i had the opportunity with a gentleman who had was a asked game met gang member and peacekeeper, take me wrong, there's a lot of pain in the community. no guidance or leadership and it hurts people. >> that's really the center of it and there's so much controversy around title in the name and the story because people are crying out and they want change but they don't know how to get it. >> the movie is based on great play, and the women are
9:33 am
troubled and the -- the men are troubled and women are's saying something that they will will hold from their men. >> i think it's really that just a position of love and war. at the end of the day and deals with a lot of the male machismo and macho like what's more important to you. when you get to the core of it, everyone wants to be loved. that's where we took the things and put it into modern-day. >> when people leave the film dave feel a certain way. what do you think people are going to walk out of the film feeling like, i need to do something we need to do something? >> i think it's going to -- there so many message in the spike lee joins, you will get quite a bit of -- it will -- -- it will say we want change. obviously the mindset of what's going on in the world today, people want to focus on humanity area and understanding the life is a life and we only
9:34 am
get one. that's shown so much throughout the film and it resonates because it's timely right now. >> the people involved in violent acts whether it's in real life or chicago or an -- in inner cities, it will change them and how they behave. >> i hope so. it's a satire to its core. i believe it's entertaining, but the message is so powerful. if you can grasp it a little bit, my character is the most stubborn and bullheaded throughout the process. if you watch his journey and can connect with that, i think you can affect the people who are preparing. >> prepare for your role, did you spend a lot of time in the streets? >> i remember going and arriving in chicago. the peacekeepers came, forget this hotel, come to the hood. that's the entire process. hearing the stories and connect
9:35 am
thing in sharing the mindset of people who have been affect the negatively. a lot of it is negative in a sense, people who will both sides people who have lost loved ones and that the same time -- at the same time understand why they do what they do and how they click. >> in -- and the tough part of san diego, lincoln park -- linkin park, a credit ask a ball from saving you from the live that you are putting on the big screen, how important is sports, music, parents live love? >> love, athletic, those things are quite important specially when you come up in and on -- an unorthodox low income environment where you need something, you want to know someone in tears, a teacher or coach -- coach family member, -- not in's ports but entertainment more than anything, luckily i had the opportunity to say, i have a dream i have a goal. >> you have do have friends who
9:36 am
took -- together path. >> yeah, interesting people who are no longer with us, and people incarcerated, it's the lack of hope that if they had an ounce of hope or possibility in a way to follow their dream, it might have gone a different direction. >> music and acting? >> at thing. i say -- acting. i say at thing, even when i did the film i still got to do music. >> that's right. nick cannon, what an honor, thank you for joining us on the nine, chi-raq opens in the bay area at december 4, nick cannon live it this morning. things for joining us. >> impeccably dressed. so sharp.
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we are getting new information on the condition of a five-year- old boy injured in a drive-by shooting in the east bay. we are told the boys in serious condition, richmond police are searching for the gunmen who shot the boy along -- shot the boy along with a 30-year-old man about 7:30 p.m. last night, a long 37 street near florida avenue. police say they believe the two victims were in a vehicle and they -- when they were shot from another vehicle, the gunmen did get away, anyone with that information, asked to call richmond police. the attorney for the driver of the san francisco to buy set crash last -- tour bus that crashed last friday says that the driver acted here locally. this video the bus as it sped rapidly toward unions grave friday afternoon, according to the -- union square, he had to quit action when things started going wrong. he hears of vollmar bang, the bus just started to accelerate again the gas pedal
9:40 am
was not stuck it was floppy. >> the attorney said that that was when the driver started to slow down by hitting plastic rails and part cars. the attorney said he worried about hitting people in the busy district and he decided to run into construction scaffold, 20 people were hurt but he was relieved no one was killed. this morning the investigation was ongoing. sports organizations are on high alert following the attacks in paris. belgium canceled of friendly soccer match with spain due to terror threat to get yesterday do something -- dissenting happen at a friendly game between germany and the netherlands. all eyes are here at home at levi stadium for the upcoming super bowl 50. they took part in a major drill at the stadium. he joins us live on set this morning. seems like all it takes us a bomb threats and soccer matches
9:41 am
are being canceled. if the is what would happen here, one phone call. >> i think it will go ahead with it but you have to recognize the super bowl in 2016 will be the number one target on the planet earth to try to disrupt and do something awful. that is why all this training is going on. even though the police say nothing has really changed, it's very clear that the events in paris specially the fact that there were many homegrown terrorists this laying heavily on their minds because it's wanting to track foreigners coming in, it's quite another thing to track self radicalized people who may have no record, may not have any indication whatsoever and i think they are very concerned. >> you were at the drill yesterday, how much concern was put on the fact that you have the levi stadium and then up north you have super bowl city in san francisco, not just one place where everything will be happening. >> know this is going to be a
9:42 am
target rich environment and you because the reality of the situation is you can attack anywhere and it's going to cause chaos and when i say attack anywhere, i am not talking about justin herman plaza or levi stadium, i am talking about restaurants on stop to nor broadway. >> the golden gate bridge is often brought up. >> you have done many stories over the years, has said -- the demeanor of the people it you interviewed and officers and the public, has that changed after paris? -- change after paris? they are always talking about security, it seems that those people that you interviewed a lot of more urgent ? >> i think so because it's so recent area and the important thing is we were initially invited and then they decided they did not want us to be in there. when i thought about it, ways that. heart of it is something us knowing what positions this people might take. how they would answer the stadium entered the stadium, a
9:43 am
kind of equipment in the parking lot. these kinds of things may not seem very relevant now, but to a terrorists, something someone who is help hellbent to creating havoc, these are important things to understand to know what you can get away with. they are concerned about any incident from the homegrown terrorists. they will protect our facility and that will be a safe place to be. i don't know about some other places. people have a reason to be concerned. >> how often will they be training leading up to february . >> there will be a state of ongoing training. the one good thing is the football games had their good training opportunities, but there's always going on all the time, highly technical facility and they have a lot of advantages than other places. it is the number one target on the planet. >> 's or any talk of barring
9:44 am
private cars to go for going to levi stadium? >> i don't know that's practical, i don't know that they want to do that. it depends. it's very fluid. they are going to make a final decision much closer to the game. i think if there's going to be an issue they will know well in advance because there's so much at stake. that tribune tower is to 11 building in oakland. this is a teacher of the building which used to have the tribune newspaper. >> since then it's been declared a landmark and currently owned by oakland native, tom henderson. >> this morning hyatt in the 20th floor our own steve poulsen, pretty nice you today. >> very nice view, thank you, you need to listen closely, we have a cow -- cal alum as well, with a history. with me is tom henderson, you know tom, we will have more in the second. welcome good to see you.
9:45 am
>> talk about the history. how long has the building been here? >> it was built in 1906, the first explorers and then the old the tower section and 1923. is -- it's either 109-years-old or less than 100. >> and to maintain for years and years. >> it was the tribune newspaper. >> was taking shape now? no condos, just businesses. >> yes. we hear the chimes. at the quarter hour. it's mostly my businesses that are operating here, we have a call center. i have 250 employees. you are mostly from oakland -- had mostly from oakland, 88% of employees are minorities, 38% are women and single mothers. we are trying to do our best for this city -- the city of oakland. >> talk about the view, you tell me everyday the weather is different up top. >> constantly. constantly changing, whether it's raining, i have to watch
9:46 am
you, to make sure it's raining. next tuesday. >> thank you i won't be here then. if the wind blows up here, i say 60 miles per hour, this week and in fact are american i got completely shredded. >> on monday. >> athletic that we show all the time on the cameras got shredded on monday. >> the winds were unbelievable. on the rooftop, the flag is 20 feet by 30 feet and 10 feet was completely ripped off. >> and was been calling you to say wish of flag. >> we get calls from mayor's office and the neighbors. all the time. there's something wrong with the flag and be we let us be let us know which is great. >> is fine, you will get a new one. >> super -- so nice and. >> we have a new one ordered in it should be here an early next week and you need to come back and take a shot of the flagler let bill dewitt it is night. >> we will do it. help please basketball. >> i graduated in 1970. >> your claim to fame is
9:47 am
there's a gentleman is luaus -- lou alcindor, what did you do us much. >> we were playing against the value cal ucla johnny would in -- than anyone up for the skyhawks and i poked him right in the eye. for the rest of his career, you -- he wore goggles. we still lost. that's your claim to fame. >> kareem abdul -- abdul- jabbar. >> on top of the building, really a great view. thanks, tom. we will look back out and greg will assume in on jack london square and we will toss it back to you. pretty view from up there i have been up there it's pretty good again tom likes channel two. if you walk into the tribune tower restaurant he recognizes you and say what's up. >> that's a first floor. i like that story. >> switching gears, designers are point in the finishing touches for the float of the things giving parade -- parade in new york city. here's a look inside the macy's warehouse with -- where the
9:48 am
floats are two. sixteen flows are . sixteen flows are on tap for the annual parade area among them are kentucky fried chicken the features colonel sanders ocean spray cranberry and charlie brown. you got a brand-new a little float from peanuts celebrating the 50th anniversary of charlie brown christmas. snoopy's houses there, 50 years ago the dog house was below, you will see it come to life that way. >> charlie brown is also the theme of the macy's christmas windows which will be revealed in san francisco this friday. i love taking my family to union square. >> the bay area volunteers with meals on wheels are very busy delivering holiday food with thanksgiving just over a week away. if you joined us on mornings on two, we were live in san francisco today and people are busy packing up bags of veggies, stuffing cranberry sauce, and turkey. volunteers are taking 100 grocery bags to people living
9:49 am
in san francisco tenderloin. they can have home cooked meals for the holidays. food is nourishment that face- to-face, friendly smile. >> coming up, holiday shoppers getting the stores and their keyboards, what are they in the market for? i look at that map that breaks down the must-have items for every state. california and yellow. >> the power couple makes up the tv guide magazine, farah gp henson said she would like to see and making their appearance on the hit show. and making their appearance on the hit show.
9:50 am
hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together.
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time for the twitter chat right now, a little bit earlier but kevin mchale the coach of the rockets former coach you could say, is trending is the organization let him go, -- not quite trending but a very interesting picture. getting a lot of response. the minute i saw met nick cannon, i ran over and we decided if i was 15 years younger i would be going to prom with him this is morning, we were in purple and black and make cannon shows up with the same color screen -- scheme and only -- all he needed was a corsage for me and i would've said yes. i told them where not even -- him where not even dress that nice on promo day. he has the hat and the scarf. >> old san francisco. >> absolutely. a lot of the talk of the new
9:53 am
movie coming out, concussion is a always word among parents athletes and coaches. >> according to research at the university of north carolina, five of the country's 1.1 million players died last year cause directly to the sport's head and -- sports' head and spinal injuries. >> it was made into a movie as well as a book. a lot of talk have it head injuries a big concern for parents, student athletes and the discussion has come to the forefront in part because of the incredible work and courageous fight of one (dot) there. -- one doctor. in 25 years have never requested this. what are you looking for christmas. >> he was looking out what killed the seemingly healthy professional athlete at the age of 50 they it he discovered that diagnose -- and he discovered that diagnose a name serious brain disease. chronic traumatic encephalopathy or cte. it took to bring and --
9:54 am
entrance you to someone else. doctor bennett omagh -- on my low incredible journey will be played out on the big screen, on the movie comes concussion starring will smith, i got a chance to talk to him about the groundbreaking work and started back in 2002 when he examined that the brain of the mike webster a retired professional football player. what happened is that after five, ten, 20 years, you will begin to -- develop and a symptom that will met that may include major dip russian, mood disorders, bipolar disorders, chronic alcoholism, drug abuse, -- he says when the permanent damage occurs, it cannot be reversed and there's no cure. >> that's why he felt the need to speak out. is a physician, and pathologist, i always tell people sometimes we desperately want may not be good for our health.
9:55 am
i asked him, would you let your child layer contact sports football or hockey . >> within my freedom and liberty is -- as an american, i personally wouldn't let my child be. >> that's probably the most powerful statement he would make. doctor bennet omalu shows that the chronic brain disease in long-term effects could happen would overdose symptoms in the short-term, -- short term, with or without reported documented concussion and with or without a helmet. helmet does not prevent this type of injury. so very scary, it's everybody's decision to make but that's the decision he you could make in an educated matter to have all the facts and in particular to play. any sport really can become a contact sport. soccer and the heart all they are talking about not heading. i have a daughter who does competitive cheerleading, they are throwing and catching girls away -- who weigh as much as
9:56 am
they do. it's a very important discussion. >> look forward to that movie. a list of what's popular for christmas all around the country and that calling it the holiday heat map that focuses on california. he will are looking for -- people are looking for the amazon fire tv you men silver tie clips and the -- with camera. nevada, smart washes -- smart washes, chiffon scarves and lift out the airplane model kit. >> see what the main character of the pop show empire and this to the weeks tv guide magazine, the power issue with shows the powerful people in television. actress taraji p henson who plays cookie will had been a lot of big-name guests on the show but says a couple that she would like to see. >> for me, a legend like diana ross, diane carol, i would love meryl streep to come play with
9:57 am
us. >> they should comes out earlier this week and empire street -- airs tonight on fox. that is the nine for this morning with we're were thrilled to have nick cannon on the set. it will see you back here tomorrow at 9:00 with the -- and i will see what -- you at four. you can check us out. >> i am going home, do have the picture of me and nick cannon, pop up on the screen one more time i'm still so proud of it. for a retreat. thank you for joining us. going to prom. maybe. may be. >> he single now, i -- i'm married and he single. >>
9:58 am
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